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2022 Review & 2023 Goals

A review of notable things I have done in 2022 and things I would like to achieve in 2023
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React Query Codegen from OpenAPI

Rapini is a new tool that can generate custom React Query hooks using OpenAPI (Swagger) files. The Command Line Interface (CLI) tool will take a path to an Open API file and generate a package that includes react hooks, typescript types and axios http requests - and this package is conveniently bundled in a way that it can be published to NPM or any other package registry of your choosing.
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Traversing the C# syntax tree with F#

This article will go over the basics of the .NET compiler platform feature for analyzing the C# syntax tree, using F#. .NET provides a Syntax API that can read any C# or Visual Basic source file and provide the corresponding Syntax Tree for that code. Why Why would someone need to traverse the C# syntax tree? Well, it can be for a number of reasons, maybe you want to gather statistics about how many classes, namespaces and methods you have, maybe you want generate code based on what is already written, maybe you want to create new tools like a new linter or a tool like Swagger.
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Simple Remote Data in Typescript

Introducing Simple Remote Data (SRD), a Static Land compliant TypeScript library for managing state from remote sources. SRD’s top features are: Only 549 bytes minified and gzipped, that is ridiculously small! Built with Higher Kinded Types (HKT’s) to allow Typescript to infer these complex disjoint union types. Static Land compliant! Made for React or any other JS based frontend framework. What is a Remote Data type? A Remote Data type is a kind of discriminate union type in functional programming for managing the state of some data that is retrieved remotely and asynchronously, such as http response data, websockets, server sent events, reading a file, or any other async IO.
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5 reasons why Hugo is better than Gatsby

Hugo is an amazingly underrated static site generator and this post is aimed to provide some examples on why it may be a better choice than Gatsby for your next static site! TLDR; Hugo builds are way faster than Gatsby Hugo’s template system is simple Hugo’s built-in features are better than Gatsby’s plugin features Hugo doesn’t require any JS to be used, but supports JS with ESBuild Hugo has a small learning curve 1.
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Using TypeScript ADT’s to write more reliable React

You may have heard of Algebraic Data Types (ADT’s) before but didn’t understand how they can be applied to everyday code - so this article will provide some examples and explanations of why you should start using them. Before we get into ADT’s, let’s go over the foundation of what ADT’s are made of. Basic Types In Javascript, you can not declare a type that prevents other types from being assigned to it.
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