Lessons learned from my first 10k LOC in Elm

I have been working on a personal project of mine for the last couple of months that has the frontend written in Elm. So far everything is going great and the project is around 10k lines of code. I have noticed a few reoccurring patterns of mine that I have learned so far and want to share, so here are 5 things I have learned:

  1. Decoding Empty Lists & Strings When I first started the project, I had a lot of types with fields declared like this:
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Elm’s Remote Data Type in Javascript

Often in web development there is this recurring pattern of having to fetch some data from some server through a rest api, and then show it someway in the UI. This often includes storing this data somewhere on the client side, either in a store or just a variable you can reference, and this is where the Remote Data type can help. Usually saving the data would look something like this in JS:
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Comparing Elm to React/Redux

I have recently been exploring creating web apps in Elm and found it to be a breath of fresh air compared to the usual React/Redux projects I have worked on in the past. *Disclaimer: I still think React/Redux is great and viable for large teams if done correctly. This article will just explain my pain points with it while working on large teams at various companies, and why I think Elm can be a better alternative in some cases.
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